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Orion Handheld Flares

Orion Handheld Flares

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Every boat that ventures into big waters should have the Orion® Locate Basic Handheld Flare 3-Pack aboard. In case of an emergency, you can break out these bright-burning signal flares and use them to call attention to your boating emergency. These 3 handheld emergency flares boast a brightness of 950 candela, a 3-minute burn time, and they produce a 33% larger, brighter flame than competing flares. In fact, these Orion handheld emergency flares exceed U.S. Coast Guard requirements for brightness and burn time. No-perchlorate formula allows for easy disposal. Packed in 4-color sealed polyurethane bags to keep them dry and ready. Perfect as replacement flairs. Note: It is illegal to ignite flares in a non-distress situation.

  • Includes 3 bright-burning, handheld signal flairs
  • Brightness of 950 candela
  • 3-minute burn time
  • 33% larger, brighter flame
  • Exceeds U.S. Coast Guard requirements
  • Packed in sealed polyurethane bags
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