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Ocean tackle international Slow Pitch Jigs

Ocean tackle international Slow Pitch Jigs

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  • Ocean Tackle International Slow Pitch Jigs were developed from the Japanese Slow Jigging Technique. These Jigs have a slower rate of decent to replicate a shocked or stunned bait fish which gives the jig more time to get bit. This is due to the keel weighted design on the underside of the jig which gives it erratic actions on the fall.
  • Drop to desired depth 
  • Walk the dog action on retrieve
  • Excellent for bottom dwellers like amberjack, snapper, and grouper

Drop to desired depth and begin rhythmic lifts of the rod tip. The jig should appear to be fleeing.

Model              Weight        Length

OTI-1109-80     80g/3oz       4in/10cm

OTI-1109-135   135g/5oz      5in/13cm

OTI-1109-155   155g/5.5oz   5in/13cm

OTI-1109-220    220/8oz       6in/15cm


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