Rapala Skitterwalk Saltwater SW08




Product type: Artificial Lures

Vendor: Rapala

Tags: Hard Baits, Topwater



When it comes to working topwater for big fish, nothing does it like "walking the dog." In steps the Rapala® Skitter Walk®, with its right-out-of-the-box perfect swimming action. Toss it out. Pump. Reel. Pump. Reel. You're "walking the dog" -- it's that easy to imitate a swimming mullet or baitfish. Large internal rattles create a rhythmic side-to-side motion and sound combination. Equipped with VMC® Perma Steel® hooks and saltwater hardware for ultimate toughness.

  • Rugged construction
  • Internal scale and gill patterns
  • Weighted tail for easy 'Walk the dog' action