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Ringer Swivels

Ringer Swivels

Ringer Swivels

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Size 1 Ringer Swivels are commonly rigged with Small/Medium sized ballyhoo. The o-ring is perfectly sized to accept the industry standard thin wire 6/0-9/0 circle hooks. These pair perfectly with Squidnation Slammers if you are looking to add a skip bait to the spread

Size 2 Ringer Swivels™ are commonly rigged for pitch baits with large ballyhoo and similar sized baits. The o-ring is larger than #1’s and is a Costa Rica and Domincan FAD favorite for small Blue Marlin paired with 2x wire (thicker) circle hooks.

Size 3 Ringer Swivel are commonly rigged with pitch baits: mackerel/ ballyhoo paired with 3x thicker wire hooks .

Size 4  Ringer Swivel is our largest, strongest O-Ring available. Baitmasters now sells all of they’re pre-rigged Spanish mackerel with our #4’s!! Rig your mackerel, Bonita, live tuna’s with a Bridle Buddy Dart and other large marlin baits with our Size 4 and large 3-4x thick wire circle hooks 12/0-20/0

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