Savage Gear Pulse Tail Baitfish




Product type: Artificial Lures


Tags: Soft Baits



Modeled from a 3D scan of a real baitfish, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Baitfish Swimbait is the next best thing to real bait. Carefully refined to achieve a naturalized look and action, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Baitfish Swimbait is built using Savage Gear’s patent-pending split rear kicker tail, which produces a steady pulsing action at all speeds, whether it is lazily dragged along offshore ledges or swiftly moved passed dock pilings.

Pairing perfectly with the Savage Gear Swimbait Hook, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Baitfish Swimbait features a LB (Loose Body) design with an integrated rapid interchange hook system, which allows for quick, weedless rigging. Offered in a number of photo realistic colors, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail LB Baitfish Swimbait leverages cutting edge manufacturing techniques and innovative design to outperform everyday swimbaits.

 Savage Gear Length  Weight
 Pulse Tail LB Baitfish Swimbaits 4"  7/8oz 

Please note: included with one pre-rigged bait and one loose body.