Seachoice 3 Strand Twisted Nylon Dock Line




Product type: Marine Products

Vendor: Seachoice

Tags: Anchor & Dock



Manufactured with modern machinery and synthetic materials offering superior strength and durability, this 3-strand twisted nylon dock line with 10 inch eye splice provides controlled elasticity and long-term reliability. Suitable for numerous docking applications. Seachoice is committed to delivering quality marine accessories and OEM replacement parts to satisfy fishing, boating and watersports enthusiasts worldwide. Seachoice is run for and by boaters offering a wide-ranging product line while remaining affordable.
  • High quality dock line designed to absorb dynamic shock loads
  • Flexible and easy to handle
  • Resistant to rot, abrasion, oil, gasoline and marine growth
  • Size: ½ inch x 15 feet
  • Color: White