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Shimano 2024 Twin Power FE Spinning Reels

Shimano 2024 Twin Power FE Spinning Reels

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Shimano TwinPower FE Spinning Reels - Precision Excellence

Elevating the pursuits of both the enthusiast and professional angler alike, the Shimano Twin Power FE Spinning Reels attain the perfected blend of both performance and power. This reel fits into Shimano's CoreSolid lineup of spinning reels, embodying Shimano's quest to deliver a highly rigid and ultradurable product that heightens all new capabilities and enjoyment out on the water. The Twin Power FE fits in as a more power finesse option, set on taming the rapid speedy runs of freshwater and inshore species alike.

Innovative Reel Technology - Elevating Your Angling Experience

The body construction of the TwinPower FE utilizes Shimano's proprietary carbon fiber reinforced CI4+ technology and aluminum, a combination designed to eliminate flex and play, even under immense pressures. At the heart of this reel resides Infinity Drive and InfinityXCross technologies, proven top shelf innovations that promote an exceptionally light winding experience, even under heavy loads. This along with the creation a more efficient distribution of force on the gear teeth, aids in this reel's durability and longevity, keeping the out of the box feel even after hard use. For added precision and casting distance Shimano incorporated their InfinityLoop technology, creating a precise winding pattern with minimal overlap in its line lay. With each crank of the handle, mono, fluorocarbon, and braided lines fall with greater uniformity and ultimately lose the friction that is developed on lesser reels. Taming the rapid runs of your next prized catch, the DuraCross drag system offers an enhancement over the conventional drag washers. The DuraCross drag washers utilize cutting edge materials in a unique woven pattern to produce a perfectly smooth and consistent pressure, with 10 times more durability.

  • CoreSolid Hybrid Body - Aluminum and CI4+
  • Infinity Drive
  • InfinityXcross
  • InfinityLoop
  • DuraCross Drag System
  • Made in Japan




Model Retrieve Gear Ratio Weight Line Cap. Bearings
TP2500FE Right/Left 5.1:1 7.4 10/120 9BB + 1RB
TPC3000XGFE Right/Left 6.4:1 7.6 10/140 9BB + 1RB
TP4000XGFE Right/Left 6.2:1 9.2 12/160 9BB + 1RB
TPC5000XGFE Right/Left 6.2:1 9.3 12/195, 14/165 9BB + 1RB


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