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If you are looking for the strongest line to line knot, look no further the PR Bobbin is one of the best line to line knots you can tie.The PR Bobbin is a 100 percent knot. What does 100% knot strength mean? It means that your fishing line — braid, fluorocarbon or monofilament — will break before the PR Bobbin Knot will (100% of the time). The PR Bobbin knot is also the skinniest knot out there. The reason is that there is no knot in the mono there for creates basically a Chinese finger trap. So in turn  the harder you pull the more the braid pulls down into the mono. The PR Bobbin also allows for the knot to pass perfectly through your guides  on your rod which also allows you to fish a much longer leader. The PR Bobbin is the ultimate line-to-line connection. 


Color: Black Gold Own weight (g): 57 Overall length (mm): 75 Torque: ~ 2.0kg Material / body, knob: glass reinforced PBT bobbin: brass ring: zirconia line clip Rubber: nitrile rubber PE corresponding (1.5 to 8.0 Nos recommended) Drag range: ~ 20N (2.0kg) initial value Body: glass reinforced resin Streamlined design to prevent the tangle.



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