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Shimano TLD 25 & Dogfish Stik #38 Combo

Shimano TLD 25 & Dogfish Stik #38 Combo

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Many people have searched far and high for a rod that you can be able to troll and still effectively catch bottom fish with. Well look no further here at Dogfish Tackle we have created it for you. The Shimano TLD 25 matched with a Dogfish Stik #38 is the combo to cover it all for you! The Dogfish Stik #38 allows you to troll Deep diving plugs, Billy baits, Cedar plugs, or rigged ballyhoo. Without sacrificing being able to fish for Grouper, Snapper, and Amberjack. The Dogfish Stik #38 has designed from our 15H with just a few changes. We have shortened the rod 6 inches and moved the reel seat back to allow to reel easier when fighting fish from a belt when trolling. The #38 has a very sensitive tip and lots of backbone to pull on bottom dwelling species. Which are crucial features when looking for bottom fishing rod. We use the highest quality components on our rods which is why the Dogfish Stik #38 comes quipped with American Tackle HD heavy duty boat guides. Which will hold up in the harshest conditions when fishing. The Shimano TLD 25 is great reel in its price point that is preferred by many anglers for its lightweight design and reliability, this offshore leverdrag reel will give you years of dependable service. Which makes the Shimano TLD 25 & Dogfish Stik #38 combo a great choice for any angler looking for a versatile trolling/bottom fishing combo. So make this combo at the top of your list!

For any other questions or concerns please call Dogfish Tackle at 727-393-2102.

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