Shimano Torium 30 & Dogfish Stik Kingfish/Sailfish Combo




Collections: Dogfish Exclusives

Product type: Rod & Reel Combo

Vendor: Dogfish Tackle & Marine



The Shimano Torium 30 & Dogfish Stik Kingfish/Sailfish Combo is great choice for slow trolling for big kingfish or kite fishing for a trophy sailfish. The Torium 30 the reel has a 6.2.1 gear ratio which allows you to pick up a lot of line very quickly for when that smoker Kingfish is running to the boat, or when that the kite clip releases and its time to come tight to that trophy Sailfish. The reel also has a Cross carbon drag which allows silky smooth drag and allows you to precisely increase drag pressure. Moving to the rod, the Dogfish Stik Kingfish/Sailfish stik is modeled after the Shimano Tallas kingfish rod which was the most popular Kingfish, Sailfish, and Tarpon rod for years. The Dogfish Kingfish Stik has the perfect balance of a nice light tip when using live bait to more than enough backbone when it comes time to put the heat on the fish. We use nothing but the best componets on our rods thats why the Dogfish Stick Kingfish rod is equipped with a slick butt which protects the rod when coming out of the rod holder under pressure many times a day. Which makes this combo a great choice for slow trolling for big king fish or flying the kite for that trophy sailfish. For any more questions or concerns please call at 727-393-2102.

Also please feel free to call if you would like use to spool the reel for you. At 727-393-2102