Shimano Tranx Baitcaster




Product type: Reels

Vendor: Shimano

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Tackle anything that swims in freshwater or saltwater with the powerful, new Tranx. Released in March of 2017, the brand new Shimano Tranx has been redesigned with power and the angler in mind. With its super low profile body and smaller size, it fits easily into your hand while it still maintains the brute strength capabilities to throw giant baits and catch big fish. Anglers targeting bass, muskie, pike, stripers, redfish, snook, tuna, calico bass, and every species in between need to add the Tranx 300 or 400 to their arsenal.

Shimano pro staffer and professional guide, Matt Allen, is known for using big baits to catch trophy bass. He needs a reel that can handle a lot of torque. The new Tranx was designed for just that, so watch the video to learn more from Matt!



Tranx Specs

The Tranx is available in two sizes, the 300 and 400, with up to 22 pounds of max drag, 30-40 inches of retrieve per crank. Both the 300 and 400-size are available in two gear ratios, 5.8:1 with a double handle and 7.6:1 with a Ci4+ power handle. If anglers want to switch handles, they can be ordered through our reel service team by calling 877-577-0600 (5am-5pm PST Monday through Friday). 

By combining the ultra durable HAGANE body with X-Ship and HEG, the Tranx 300 the strongest reel with the least amount of flex which means all of the torque is transfered to fighting the fish - none of your actions are lost in flex.  

HAGANE Body - Our cold forged aluminum body comes to the Tranx to provide efficiency through strength. The highly rigid metal body is extremely stiff and impact resistant, virtually eliminating any body flexing. That means that everything inside the reel is protected, staying in line while your actions transform directly to cranking power.

CoreProtect - Our water resistant coating takes a step up with the new Tranx, thanks to a worm shaft seal, frame center seal, star drag seal, and a roller clutch seal to keep water out. We've also added silicon grease to the A side and matching frame for additional protection.

HEG Gearing - High Efficiency Gearing is another way Shimano improves torque by eliminating internal flexing. The drive gear and pinion gear are bigger, increasing leverage and power. Combine that power with the one-piece frame, incorporating the setplate and a one-piece sideplate, flex in the drive train (that causes the gears to bind under pressure) is eliminated. 

X-Ship - Keeping the HEG gearing safe is our X-Ship support. X-Ship supports the gears on both sides, maintaining precise alignment even under the heaviest loads. 

Clutch Retention Mechanism - The design of the Tranx includes an improved clutch retention mechanism to reduce backlashes caused by the handle moving during the cast.