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Strike King

Strike King Baby Burner Spinner Bait 1/4oz

Strike King Baby Burner Spinner Bait 1/4oz

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A great choice for clear water scenarios, the Strike Baby Burner Spinnerbait is a premium, down-sized spinnerbait weighing only 1/4-ounce.  Built for speed, it’s equipped with smaller versions of the Strike King RAZ-R-BLADE high RPM blades.  These thin cut willow blades are designed to spin fast and cause less drag than traditional willow blades, and they also help keep the bait from rising to the surface while increasing flash.  The shape of the Baby Burner’s head also features extra weight on the hook shank to reduce drag and keep the bait running true, while a super sharp Gamakatsu hook seals the deal.  Perfect for those times when the bite gets tough, the Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait provides the smaller profile you’ve been looking for with the Spinnerbaitsperformance you expect from Strike King 

BURN14-203SG BURN14-590GS BURN14-204GS

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