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Super Stick Telescopic Fiberglass Push Pole (IN STORE PICK UP ONLY)

Super Stick Telescopic Fiberglass Push Pole (IN STORE PICK UP ONLY)

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Push Pole Kit Includes:

  • > Telescopic Fiberglass Push Pole
  • > Duck Foot
  • > Universal Gig Attachment
  • > End Cover (For Permanent Spike Tip)
  • > Mounting Brackets | Storage Clips (One Pair)


  • >  Ultralight Super Strong Patented Push Pole (with Storing Capabilities) Telescopic design allows the push pole to extend and lock in place between 6ft to 12ft (6-12 Push Pole- 3.25 lbs) or 9ft to 17ft (9-17 Push Pole 5 lbs) (weight= push pole, including duck foot)
  • >  Non-slip textured 1.25″ Outer Pole with Permanent Spike Tip (Inner and Outer poles do not come apart)
  • >  Removable Duck Foot (with Lure/Decoy Retriever) Allows either Superstick push pole to transform into a Paddle, Gig, Boat Hook, Landing Net, Gaff, Fish Tagger, Boat Brush and many other 3/4 inch attachments  (compatible with many other companies’ 3/4 inch attachments)
  • >  Superstick’s Universal Gig Attachment is conical and industrial threaded
  • >  Superstick works well as a Shallow Water Anchor Pins (best in areas with soft bottoms)
  • >  Durable Push Pole Mounting Brackets | Clips (Click for: Mounting Instructions)
  • >  Theft protection with Superstick’s storing capabilities

Push Poles by Superstick®

Our Patented Telescopic Fiberglass Push Poles have revolutionized the push pole with multipurpose features. Buy either of our Superstick Push Poles and accomplish all your fishing, boating, and duck hunting needs. Superstick push poles are on sale here, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Tackle Warehouse, West Marine, or visit one of our dealers in your area to buy one for your boat. Our products are made in The USA with US materials.

Customize Superstick’s length with the flip of a lever for any inshore boating situation. Fully extend it for traditional flats poling. Retract it shorter for location-specific applications, like navigating your boat in super-shallow marshes or for stealthy approaches into secluded backcountry waters thick with overhanging brush and mangroves.

Completely retract it to use as a Shallow Water Anchor, or for easy storage on your boat during transport. Retrieve fishing lures or decoys with the Duck Foot’s snag-free retractable hook. Remove the Duck Foot and attach our Paddle or other companies products- conical Gig, Boat Brush, Boat Hook, Landing Net, Gaff, and more.

You may choose to say the Superstick is storable, collapsable, retractable, extendable, or telescoping. It doesn’t matter to us as you will find it ideal for any boat, kayak, or SUP (stand up paddleboard).

Superstick Dimensions

Superstick 6-12: Collapsed without duck foot= 73 1/2″, Collapsed with duck foot= 78 1/2″, Fully extended with duck foot= 11’5 1/2″. (Measurements may vary +- 1/2″)

Superstick 9-17: Collapsed without duck foot= 8′ 10 3/4″, Collapsed with duck foot= 9′ 11 1/2″, Fully extended with duck foot= 16′ 6 1/2″. (Measurements may vary +- 1/2″)

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