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Tsunami Barrier II Spinning Reel

Tsunami Barrier II Spinning Reel

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The next generation of Tsunami Barrier Reels is here. The Barrier II is a much improved and updated version of the best in class original. This reel was made to stand up to season after season of abuse. Built with 7 internal seals to keep water, salt, and sand out of the internals of the reel. 3 +1 stainless, shielded, ball bearings drive the Barrier II making operation buttery smooth. A fully sealed, hybrid drag system puts the breaks on the biggest game fish while keeping smooth pressure on your catch. The ported, aluminum spool resists corrosion and keeps weight to a minimum leaving you fatigue free for hours of fishing. Available in multiple sizes, there is a Barrier II Reel to suit all your fishing needs.


  • Water Resistant Engineering
  • 7 Internal Seals Keep Components Dry
  • Shielded and Stainless 3+1 Ball Bearing System
  • 3 Bearings Plus An Additional Instant Anti-Reverse Bearing
  • Keep Internal Components And Gearing In Line For Smooth Operation
  • Lightweight And Corrosion Resistant Body And Rotor
  • Ported Double Anodized Aluminum Spool
  • Fully Sealed Hybrid Drag System
  • Lightweight Anodized Aluminum Screw In Handle
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