Unfair Lures Dawgwalker




Product type: Artificial Lures

Vendor: Unfair Lures

Tags: Topwater



  • Inshore Top-water
  • 12-30 pound line class.
  • So easy to use, it practically walks itself.
  • This is one mean Dawg that will cast a mile and retrieve a wide range of fish species.
  • The super-long casting realistic baitfish enticing walk make DawgWalker a CHAMPION.
  • Taking this “Dawg” for a walk can produce some of the most explosive strikes all fisherman crave.
  • Patented 3D Bleeding Gill for 2016.
  • Transverse wires for single hook application.
  • Great Unfair Lures finishes and colors
  • Stainless swivel for better knots and no line twist
  • Quality PvR Turbo-Set 3X cutting point hooks.
  • Weight: 1 oz. Size: 110mm