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Unfair Lures

Unfair Lures Floating Mullet

Unfair Lures Floating Mullet

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Product Description

Mullet represent a world-wide bait source of immense importance. With annual migrations taking place in many oceans of the world, Paul’s Mullet is a game-changer. Predatory fish such as Sharks, Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Sea Trout, Striped Bass become extremely focused on Mullet at certain times. During these runs, most generic and other baits are simple ignored. This is where the Unfair Lures option excels. Designed to be fished in the same fashion as an observant fisherman would see a living Mullet do. Living Mullet swimming from one zone to another will seldom if ever be more than a few inches from the surface. Hence the straight linear ripples one sees when they swim. The fisherman should mimic this with Paul’s Mullet. A steady retrieve with the ODD twitch is suggested. Loaded with Bleeding Gills, action enabling Stainless swivel, PvR Turbo-Set hooks.

Paul's Mullet Specifications

Length 90 mm 120 mm
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