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Yo-Zuri Knuckle Bait

Yo-Zuri Knuckle Bait

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3DB™ 1/2 oz. Pearl Shad Knuckle Wire Bait (R1302 PSH) by Yo-Zuri®. Yo-Zuri is proud to announce the launch of a brand new style wire bait, the likes of which have never been seen before! Developed and tested for nearly three years, the Knuckle Bait is now ready to hit the American market and its waters for the 1st time ever! What gives the Knuckle Bait its name comes from the ball which is attached to the wire, in a similar position to a spinnerbait blade. But this is no ordinary wire bait. The Knuckle Bait's action is what makes it so unique. There are two styles of ball that are available; a 3D Prism pattern and a painted Sound Ball pattern. When this bait is retrieved, the ball wobbles in an erratic action, much like a knuckleball thrown from the pitchers' mound.

R1302-PSH R1302-TSH R1302-GSN R1302-GZSH

R1302-RGF R1302-CL R1302-SH

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