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Zman Bait Binderz

Zman Bait Binderz

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 A simple way to store up to 10 bags of ElaZtech® superplastics, this ruggedly built binder accommodates the pre-punched holes on standard size Z-Man bait bags, providing a quick and easy way to hold and access your favorite baits while keeping them in tip-top shape!

About this product

The perfect storage solution for ElaZtech® soft plastics, the Bait BinderZ™ is designed to fit the pre-punched holes found on standard-size Z-Man bait bags. When stored in the Bait BinderZ™, baits remain easily accessible and away from other soft baits that could react with the ElaZtech® material.  A clear internal pocket is ideal for storing jighead packages, leader spools, or small tools.  Built with zipper-free construction from a durable 500 denier nylon material, the 9” by 9” Bait BinderZ™ features plastic snap closures and strong zinc-plated rings to keep your baits organized, secure, and in perfect condition.



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